A review of music written using Latin texts in service of the liturgy of the Catholic Church encompassing music written in all periods with a concentration on contemporary composers.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Latin in London

Nick Gale, director of music at S. George's Cathedral Southwark,  provides and interesting summary of what is available musically in 12 London Catholic Churches on a 'average' Sunday, in this case the 20th of June 2010. ( see here) This appears on a new blog, The Chant Cafe,  set up by Jeffrey Tucker formerly of the New Liturgical Movement. The general link has been added to 'Tools and Resources' below. Despite this apparent wealth of riches it should be pointed out that none of these places  have a regular Sunday Sung Mass using the 'traditional' rite. I hope to be corrected. The new blog looks good and has started well with a range of articles. I suspect the forthcoming Sacred Music Colloquium in Pittsburgh will feature in it's entries over the next few weeks. One to be added to the favourites list.

Update: Nick has updated his article during the day and added pictures and some more detail which will be of interest.


  1. You are right, sadly, that none of these churches has a regular, sung Usus Antiquior Mass. However, 3 of them have a Sunday Low Mass in the EF and many of them, including my own Cathedral of St George, have regular Solemn High Masses with choir. It is still early days and I hope to see an increase in the use of the EF with choral music in this great city, where we are spoilt for choice in terms of great music in the liturgy.

  2. Step out to SE London and to Blackfen where we have a MIssa Cantata every Sunday and the congregation are keen to join in the responses, Ordinary, Marian Anthem and we have a blog with music on so folks can listen to it before they have to sing it.


  3. Many thanks leutgeb. If you could let me have a link to a music list for Blackfen I'd like to add it to the list.