A review of music written using Latin texts in service of the liturgy of the Catholic Church encompassing music written in all periods with a concentration on contemporary composers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend Roundup

Sunday 20th June, 2010. 4th Sunday after Pentecost.

Latin Music by recent composers this weekend

Christopher Dalitz's Mass in Eb will be sung by the Rudgate Singers at the Church of the English Martyrs, York, at 6.30 pm in a Mass in the 'extraordinary form'. At Farm Street: George Malcolm's motet Veritas Mea at 11 am (OF together with Flor Peeter's Missa Laudis). At Sacred Heart, Wimbledon, at 11.30 am (OF), Ive's Missa Brevis. At Westminster Cathedral (10.30, OF) Brian Chapple's Missa brevis Exoniensis. This was written for Exeter Cathedral in 2009 and is published by Chester.

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