A review of music written using Latin texts in service of the liturgy of the Catholic Church encompassing music written in all periods with a concentration on contemporary composers.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Sunday, 1st of May, 2011.

At Leeds Cathedral (OF 1100) the Alleluia of John Taverner.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Triduum 2011

Thursday, 21st of April
At Cardiff Metropolitan Cathedral (OF 1930), Leeds Cathedral (OF 1900), S. Mary's Cadogan Street (OF 2000), the London Oratory (OF 1830), S. James, Spanish Place (OF 1830), Westminster Cathedral (OF 1800) Ubi Caritas (Duruflé). At Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (OF 1900) Messiaen's Le Banquete Celeste, Rubbra's Missa in honore Sancti Dominici, and the Ubi Caritas and Tantum Ergo of Duruflé. At Southwark Cathedral (OF 1930) Jean Langlais' Messe Solenelle & Maurice Duruflé's Ubi caritas & Tantum ergo.

Friday, 22nd of April
At Brentwood Cathedral (OF 1500) Samuel Barber's Agnus Dei. At Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (OF 1500) Poulenc's Timor et Tremor & Vinea mea electa.

Saturday, 23rd of April
At Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (OF 2100) & Westminster Cathedral (OF 2030) the Messe Solonnelle of Louis Vierne. At Liverpool Dextera Domini of Mervyn Cousins. At the Oxford Oratory (OF 2100) Sicut cervus desiderat by Victor Huble (1888-1954) At Southwark Cathedral (OF 2030) Jean Langlais' Messe Solenelle & Marcel Dupré's Laudate Dominum.

Sunday, 24th of April
At the Oxford Oratory (OF 1100) the motet Terra tremuit et quievit by Theodore B. Rehmann (1895-1963).

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Sunday, 17th of April, 2011.

At Leeds Cathedral (OF 1130) the Tantum Ergo of De Severac. At Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (OF 1100) The Passion according to Saint Matthew by Duffy. At the Oxford Oratory (OF 1100) Christus factus est by Bernhard Lewkovitch (b.1927) and the Improperium expectavit cor meum  of Russell Woollen (1923-1994). At Spanish Place (OF 1030) and at Westmnster Cathedral (OF 1000)  Ingrediente Domino by George Malcolm.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Commissioning Issues.

Damian Thompson's Telegraph blog, Holy Smoke, contains an entry that may be of interest to readers of Jubal's Review. See here. Thompson takes up an article appearing in a certain British Weekly by Joseph Cullen who has a long and good track record in choral music and particularly in Catholic Church music. Cullen's article is not available on line (at the time of writing) but quotes appear from in it Thompson's blog. Amongst the comments is a link to an article in the Vivace e-journal by Colin Mawby which can be accessed by subscribing to the newsletter.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Sunday, 10th of April, 2011.

At Brentwood Cathedral (OF 1130) Louis Vierne's Messe Solennelle. At the Oxford Oratory (OF 1100) the Aachener Dom Messe of Josef Butz (1891-1989).

London Festival of Contemporary Church Music

The programme has been posted for the the 2011 London Festival of Contemporary Church Music. It can be found here. First impressions are excellent from the point of Jubal's Review. There is considerable amount of new Latin text settings and the return of several recent pieces notably some  by James Macmillan. Within the festival itself there are pieces performed more than once giving the congregations a chance to form more than a first im[ression of some of what is on offer. Various venues are being used including Westminster Cathedral.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Roundup

Sunday, 3rd of April, 2011.

At Brentwood Cathedral (OF 1130) Vaughan Williams Mass in G minor. At Leeds Cathedral (OF 1100) the Messe Solonnelle of Louis Vierne. At the Oxford Oratory (OF 1100) the Messa di Gloria of Giacomo Puccini (1858-1924). At Sacred Heart Wimbledon (OF 1115) Bardos' Missa Tertia.